Cosmetic Dentistry for Kids in Sunnyvale, TX

You're never too young for a whiter, brighter smile! Children may need cosmetic dentistry services for a number of reasons, whether their adult teeth have grown in or they still have their baby teeth. At our Sunnyvale pediatric dental office, we can address painful chips, cracks and tooth decay for kids of any age with a selection of safe cosmetic dental treatments.

Sunnyvale Kids provides the following pediatric cosmetic dentistry services:

Dental Bonding

young child smiling with his family after a cosmetic dentistry procedureWhile our preventive services are designed to keep kids' teeth strong and healthy, breaks and cracks in the teeth can still occur. Both baby teeth and adult teeth can sometimes require dental bonding to fix these minor smile imperfections.

Dental bonding involves safe, tooth-colored materials (similar to those used in white fillings), that can cover the chips and cracks in a child's smile. This non-invasive procedure rarely requires any numbing or adjusting of the affected tooth.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Would a whiter smile boost your child's confidence? A number of factors can cause the smile to become discolored or dull at a young age, including consuming staining foods, dark beverages, and certain medications.

Sunnyvale Kids is here to help your child restore their bright smile with safe, ultra-efficient take-home teeth whitening gels! Our teeth whitening system is designed to help your child achieve a whiter smile in the comfort of their own home.

Learn More About Cosmetic Services for Kids

Our skilled dental team is here to help your child's smile stay healthy and bright! Call Sunnyvale Kids today to schedule your child's next cosmetic dental treatment.

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