Dental Financing & Insurance Options at Sunnyvale Kids Pediatric Dentistry

At Sunnyvale Kids, our team is dedicated to providing top-quality care for every patient, regardless of their insurance plan! We accept many PPO Insurances and Medicaid.

We Accept Medicaid For Foster Children

young girl getting her teeth cleaned by a pediatric dentistAre you a foster parent? At Sunnyvale Kids Pediatric Dentistry, we accept Medicaid to support foster children aged 1-4 in receiving quality dental care every 3 months.

We understand dental care is one of the most difficult services to access for children and teenagers in foster care. This can make visits to the dentists sporadic at a critical time for children to build healthy oral hygiene habits. Oral health concerns like bottle tooth decay in very young children and multiple dental cavities in older children are more likely to occur without this foundation of oral health habits from a young age.

It's been estimated that 35% of children and teens enter foster care with significant pre-existing dental and oral health problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that every child and teenager entering foster care have a complete pediatric dental evaluation within 30 days of being placed in a foster home. We're here to help make that happen while ensuring children establish good oral health habits and a positive relationship with dental care early on.

As a Medicaid provider, Sunnyvale Kids is dedicated to helping all children in the Sunnyvale, TX area receive the pediatric dental care they need to experience a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Ready to discover the best way to schedule and finance your child's dental treatments? Call Sunnyvale Kids today and our friendly team will be happy to provide all the information you need!

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