Emergency Pediatric Dentistry in Sunnyvale, TX

Same-Day Emergency Exams

Dental emergencies can't wait! That's why we offer same-day emergency dentist appointments for children who are experiencing tooth pain or have had an oral accident. Emergency dentist appointments are only available during office hours.

Has your child experienced a dental emergency? We understand how difficult it is to watch your child go through something painful like an emergency or oral accident. That's why the team at Sunnyvale Kids Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to being there for you and your child, when you need us. Our same-day emergency dental appointments in Sunnyvale, TX ensure your child's painful symptoms can be addressed right away!

Our team offers same-day emergency pediatric dentist appointments during our Monday through Thursday office hours. These urgent emergency appointments are specifically for children who are experiencing tooth pain or have had an oral accident.

young girl holding her mouth from tooth painDon’t hesitate to call our office if your child has:

  • Toothaches
  • Bleeding
  • A cracked or knocked-out tooth
  • Pain, swelling, or redness
  • A broken filling or crown
  • Trauma to the teeth or lips
  • Signs of a dental abscess
  • A tooth that becomes sensitive to cold, hot, or sweet foods

What You Can Do

We understand parents want to help their kids as much as possible in a time of emergency or injury. If you have a child suffering from the painful effects of dental trauma, contact Sunnyvale Kids right away for a same-day or next-day emergency dental appointment. Call us when you're on your way, so we can have everything ready to treat your child upon your arrival.

If your child has knocked out one of their baby teeth, do NOT put it back in. Call our office right away.

If your child has knocked out an adult tooth, it's critical to take immediate action! Be sure not to touch the root of the tooth. Instead, gently put the tooth back in place until you can get your little one to our Sunnyvale dental office.

If your child's tooth can't be safely placed back in the socket of their gum tissue, the tooth can be stored in a cup of milk or carefully tucked into their cheek until your child's appointment.

Your Sunnyvale Kids' Dentist Is Here to Help

Is your child suffering from a painful dental emergency? Left untreated, tooth and mouth pain can disrupt their sleep, nutrition, schooling, and daily life! Our team at Sunnyvale Kids is here to help with same-day emergency appointments designed to quickly and efficiently relieve your little one's pain. Call us right away to schedule an urgent dentist appointment and renew your child's healthy smile!

Learn More About Our Emergency Dental Services

If your child has suffered a loose or knocked-out tooth, damaged crown or filling, cracked tooth, or other damaging effects of an oral accident, contact Sunnyvale Kids Pediatric Dentistry immediately to schedule your child's urgent dental care.

Don't forget, our doctors recommend a preventive visit to the pediatric dentist before their first birthday! Early, proper care can help strengthen from a young age and prevent oral health problems later in life.

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